Hello, my name is Fiona and I am a jewelleryholic…welcome to the club I hear you say! I am the designer behind Fiona Harris Jewellery but I am also passionate about a lot more in the jewellery world than my own designs and this is how THE LOVE OF GEMS has come about.

I am the person who:

  • Loves discovering and wearing new jewellery designers
  • Enjoys spotting and reviewing trends within the industry
  • Likes to share the fabulous jewellery boutiques I’ve found
  • Buys pieces of jewellery to remember holidays by and to mark special occasions
  • Will happily purchase from the High Street when I see something great
  • Wastes hours lusting after “price on request” pieces I can only dream of owning.

I wanted to create a space where I can shout about everything jewellery related and get to know others who share my passion. Expect to see interviews and profiles of my favourite designers, show reviews, my great finds and take on the trends. Now a little about the name, as well as the reference to gemstones, gem also means “an outstanding person or thing” therefore who knows where this blog space will take me!

I hope you enjoy reading and following my jewellery journey, please comment or get in touch with any content ideas you would like me to cover on the blog. I’m looking forward to exploring the world of jewellery with you!


Fiona x

Hello from me!