The Love of Jewellery Quotes

Oh, I do love a good jewellery quote, whether they’re style related or solid gold life advice, here are some of my all-time favourite ones:

I’m a huge Diane fan and love the DVF brand (one of my favourite bags that always gets a compliment is from there) and this quote is so true! I love how jewellery can pull an outfit together, the finishing touches can make all the difference. On a side-note, if you’re looking for a fantastic, inspirational read I couldn’t recommend Diane’s memoir “The Woman I Wanted To Be” enough.

PS. I can spell English readers, just not tampering and sticking to the original American for the quote ?

The struggle IS real, but we have to do our best don’t we?

Taken from her book “Style A to Zoe”. I love Stylist Rachel Zoe and couldn’t agree more with these wise words. I tend to find clothes more dispensable too whereas I invest in jewellery that I know I’ll wear time and time again. I used to binge watch “The Rachel Zoe Project” and swan around my flat mimicking her saying “I die” over and over again…anyone else or just me!?

I do love pearls, but they have their time and place, sometimes they can be a bit much for everyday… I think the modern-day equivalent to this quote would be “A woman needs layers and layers of necklaces”. There are so many people out there who have nailed necklace layering, it’s an artform in itself! I love seeing what people put together and hearing why certain necklaces are special to them.

Finally, if in doubt it never hurts to listen to Rihanna.

I hope you enjoyed reading, I’d love to know what your favourite jewellery quotes are!


Fiona x