The Love of Holiday Jewellery

September has crept up on us and everyone’s got that back to work / school vibe so it’s an ideal time for me to talk about one of my favourite subjects…HOLIDAY JEWELLERY! I have mentioned this before, in my welcome post, but I love to buy jewellery to mark special occasions and remember holidays by. Most of the jewellery I wear (other than my own designs) is sentimental and has a story behind it. – I tend to buy something whenever I go on holiday…with the odd exception!

This year back in June, maybe influenced a little by social media and other people’s Instagram feeds, my partner and I found ourselves in the very picturesque Santorini and it didn’t disappoint! A beautiful two-week break doing a mixture of exploring and soaking up the sun with a good book. For me, the highlights of the holiday were discovering jet-black sand and swimming in the hot springs of the volcano, a must do if you’re ever lucky enough to visit.

We stayed in Perissa but did venture across to Oia to take in one of the famous sunsets and it was on the way to find our spot for the sunset that I found my piece of holiday jewellery…a gorgeous ring that was inspired by olive leaves by Stilvi Jewellery from a lovely little shop called Aquamarine. – I’d recommended popping in if you’re in Oia. I was really impressed that after purchasing my ring I was given a little card with the details of the designer, so I could find out more. From their website It looks like Stilvi Jewellery isn’t sold directly online but through select stores throughout Greece and Europe, which makes my little find even more special to me. Stilvi Jewellery is definitely a brand worth checking out if you do find yourself near a stockist.

As with most holidays I came back relaxed and calm, feelings I want to hold onto as we move into autumn. So now as the weather gets colder, or when I find myself in a never-ending meeting, I just need to catch a glimpse of my new ring and I’m transported back to my fantastic day in Oia. Where I had the best Greek omelette I’ve ever tasted washed down with a glass of chilled white wine whilst I watched the world go by, followed by catching the sunset next to a lovely Australian man who kept moving his fancy camera setup, so I too could get some good shots of the sunset with my iPhone.

I’m already thinking about next year’s holiday and wondering what jewellery I’ll purchase. Do you have a favourite piece of holiday jewellery? I’d love to hear about it.


Fiona x

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